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Handhelds - LUNCH
Downtown Dunedin

All American Burger


angus beef patty, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayonnaise

MEAT TEMP:Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done Pittsburg
Handheld Sides:Fries Yuca Fries Tomato Bisque Soup of the Day Fresh Fruit Truffle Fries +4SM House Salad +3SM Caesar Salad +3No Side Mashed Potatoes Sub Brussel Sprouts +5Basmati Rice
All American Mods:Bun White American Cheese Mayo Lettuce Tomato Onion Pickle Goat Cheese Gorgonzola Cotija Cheese Mozzarella Cheese Extra White American Extra Lettuce Extra Tomato Extra Onion Extra Pickle Extra Mayo
Handheld Mods:Add Lettuce Add Tomato Add Onion Add Pickle Add Jalapeno Add Avocado Add White American Cheeese Add Cotija Cheese Add Goat Cheese Add Gorgonzola Cheese Add Caramelized Onoins Add Sauteed Mushrooms
Grill Station:Grill Station
Fry Station:Fry Station